Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Week of Purrr Fun

Well it's been just over a week with Raven and Hawk, and all is well. Ok, the dog and kittens aren't napping together, but we are getting there. Last night Takaya and Raven lied next to eat other a foot away, no gate. The only time it got exciting was when I went to close the door and needed to move everyone.
Each day, the kittens get to explore new parts of the house. The kids are LOVING having these small things around and I cannot believe how the kittens just let them do stuff (gentle stuff) to them. Raven especially. Hawk has calmed a lot, and I know with another week of trust, she'll be just fine. Her purr loudness level is up about six notches already.

On Saturday night, we let the kids have a "sleepover" with the kittens in the basement. KJ was tickeled pink to wake up with a kitten next to her. Seeing her with easy going cats has been really good - she actually has been a bit hesitant to pick them up. She has never been able to "play" with a cat, so having two has been awesome.

Watching Raven and Hawk play is fun in itself. My vet friend said it would be "more fun than a barrel of monkeys". He wasn't wrong.

I hope a few more days and gates can go down and dogs and cats can live in harmony. Something that hasn't happened in this house in over five years.

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Vanessa said...

awwwwwww they are just SO CUTE!!!