Monday, February 14, 2011

On this day of love...

I am thinking about marriage. What ones work, what ones don't. Why does mine?

I just head from a friend that her 10 year marriage is over. Apparently it's not been in good sorts for a few years, something that came as a surprise to me. I also heard that another friend of mine just got engaged, not someone I would have thought was looking for that "ever after". I guess you can't predict everything.

So where does my marriage stand? Good. A work in progress, but that is what it's all about. I didn't marry Mr. Romantic, but I truely believe I married my soul mate. Because he doesn't allow me to settle. He doesn't give in, or give up on me. He challenges me, makes me laugh, frustrates me, and loves me for who I am.

Sure, there are moments that I wonder when the flowers might arrive as a surprise to my office. And maybe one day they just might. But if they don't - I still know he loves me. How? As sick as he is, he just walked the dog in the rain so I didn't have to. He said "go" when I found two new kittens to bring home. He said "just do it" when my puppy was sick and I knew it wasn't going to be cheap. He keeps buying my scrapbooking stuff cuz he knows it makes me happy.

And really, in a day and age where more marriages seem to fail than succeed - I am happy to say we are succeeding. And I am confident that will continue, because we both know each other is worth it.

So Happy Valentine's Chris - I love you.


Lisa and DJ said...

That is such a great photo of you 2. Happy Valentine's!

April C said...

You guys are so cute together! So glad you found your true love! Happy day after Valentine's Day ;)

Suzanne said...

And one of the reasons your marriage works is because you don't get all worked up when the flowers don't come. Any jerk can send flowers but only a good guy does those other nice things.