Saturday, February 5, 2011

Babies back in the house

I knew it would not be long before we got another cat. In my life, I have lived a total of five weeks without one. Five long weeks. That was from the moment I moved out of my parents house until my room mate got Madison. Maddie and I were buddies, in fact, I was the only one Madison liked. So when Lia moved out, her "gift" to me was the cat.

Madison and I did a lot of growing up together, and when she died at the well lived age of 16, it was a tough good bye.

Harley came along just over a month later. She was a nice cat, but try as we did - she never fit in. And while I was sad to see her go, I knew it would not be long before a new furry friend came along.

I've been stalking all the kitten sites. Watching, waiting. Chris was ok with getting a new cat, and even agreed to getting two kittens. He wanted to wait a bit, but knew when I found two black kittens, well let's just say I got my Valentine's gift early.

So as of this afternoon, we have officially welcomed Raven and Hawk into our lives. While I picked the names (kinda going with the theme like Takaya) the kids decided who was who. And in the six short hours we've had them, it seems like the right names went to the right cat.

Raven - who is a little larger and a little fluffier than her sister is the trickster of the two. A little more bold, and seemingly the dominate of the two, she's goofy and silly. Her purr is loud like a Raven and I am sure she will be the one who loves everyone.
Hawk, the smaller and shorter hair kitten is a bit shy, watches from her post and attacks her sister from the side when she is least expecting it. Her purr is soft and she is slower to trust. She will be the most loyal, but to whom - well it's too early.

I am happy to have babies in my life again - this is the first time ever than I've been able to get two at once. Something tells me it's going to be more than I expected, but double the fun!


JennC said...

Awwww your kittens are the cutest!!! and so fluffy too! LOL

April C said...

So cute!! I love kitties!!

Hollee said...

YAY! Congrats on your new additions!! They are soooper cute!!! (insert dispicable me sound bite of the littlest kid screaming "SHE'S SO FLUFFY!!!")

Kimmartha said...

Love your new babies! When we were kids, my parents always got critters in "pairs" - one for me, one for my brother. Cats, hamsters, fish. Enjoy your new additions!

PamelaM said...

They are the cutest ever. I am sure they will bring you all so much joy.

Fingers crossed they don't use the sofa as a scratching post. lol!

Vanessa said...

oh my so adorable!!!
look at them all fluffy like that :-)

enjoy your new little furballs!