Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back to Blogging - Welcome to Summer 2011

Yes, I'm back. I never meant to leave really, but honestly - I've never had SUCH a busy spring that I needed to drop a few things. This was one. Laundry was the other :)

But now it's the lazy days of summer (so they say) and I thought that I just couldn't let another whole season go without documentation. So I'm back.

Summer here really always starts for me the July long weekend. Mainly because it's the first weekend without school, all the sports are done, it's Canada Day and it's Chris' birthday.

Summer here of course means the pool. Ahhh the pool.
Summer here also means baseball. Yes, the kids have actually finished for the season, but we still take in lots of games. Especially since Chris' roll as the president...and that Brianna is playing in the all stars

Yes, the good old days of summer..........means ice cream


and being creative with our time


and like I said, birthday celebrations

Back to the being creative, I didn't have any wrapping paper for Chris' gifts, so the kids drew on theirs. Braydon took a lot of time on his, pretty proud of what he did (Chris was impressed too)
One other thing that means summer to me are bugs. Now I'm not your typical girl - I kind like bugs. This summer, I've NEVER seen SO many caterpillars. I love caterpillars, always have. Richard and I would hunt and hunt for them, maybe be as so lucky as to find one or two a year. But this year, I see three or four a day!!
They of course turn into butterflies


Braydon thought he found a green lady bug, but apparently it's a spotted cucumber beetle

So now I prepare myself to return to work tomorrow morning. The kids are heading to bike camp which they are excited about. Chris figures that work is over this week, and that he will be laid off for a bit, but we will see.

All in all, glad that summer (and blogging) are back!

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JennC said...

Yeah for lazy summer days!!
That's cool that you're not afraid of bugs. I on the other hand am afraid of bugs, no wait, not all bugs. Just spiders or anything that could possibly represent a spider. *shiver*