Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Night Football

Crazy day again at work. I'm tired, and haven't been sleeping that well.  None the less, I ended up bringing work  home because of a timeline (not mine) and I'm  helping out.  So I'm ready to get at it after dinner when Braydon asks if we can play some football.

It's not raining, and it's supposed to snow tomorrow.  This may be the one and only chance we have all week.  So understanding that I can do work a half hour later - we headed out for some Tuesday night football.  This is a summer thing for us, so it was nice to get out and hope that maybe spring will come with April (although....did you see I wrote that it may snow tomorrow).

So Kaylee got a bit more into the game (and continued with the photography thing), and we all had a fun time.  Now...off to the world of excel.


Lisa and DJ said...

And THAT is why you are a good Mom!!

Suzanne said...

You'll never regret giving time to your kids. Way to go MOM!