Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy Boy Weekend

The weekend really was all about Braydon.  It started early because I took Thursday off since he was on spring break.  The weather cleared for us, so we headed out for a walk.  Well, he decided he wanted to ride his bike - which I got a small giggle from knowing full well that this would be the last ride that bike got from this boy.  His new one would be full of future rides.

We also got to go out after dinner and play some hockey - a family favorite with us.

We baked two cakes and one pan of brownies for the three parties.  The cakes were both decorated by Braydon and Kaylee shared in the smartie cake.  I don't think more smarties could have fit on one cake.

Sunday we went mini golfing with seven kids plus our own two.   I have to say that I was very impressed with the kids.  They were well behaved and the party was a huge success.  The weather gods worked in our favor and we had sunshine and semi warm temps.

After the golf party, my brother came to play.  And he got the typical Uncle gift, a nerf gun.  Now I don't buy guns for my kids (water guns are the exception), but you give a kid a stick and it's a gun.  Give him lego, it's a gun.  Heck, two fingers make a gun.  So - when Rich showed up with this, I gave in.  The rule of only trees / streets / my car as targets is hard and fast.  If he tries to shoot a kid or adult, the gun goes.  He knows it - so he's been careful.  And he had a blast playing with it all afternoon.

So I am about to read a bed time story, and while I am sure that Braydon will fall asleep fast, I'm pretty sure Chris and I will too!


Suzanne said...

I want you to be in charge of planning my birthday next year!

Lisa and DJ said...

Me too, but skip the smarties. I want M&M's! Glad you guys had a great weekend.