Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On to #38

Okay, I'm 37.  Guess that makes me late 30's now eh?  A guy friend and I were having lunch at work the other day and I said my age.  He said that he was surprised that I said how old I was.  I asked why and he said most women hide it.  I laughed.  I never really understood that.  However when I asked an employee how old I was....he said "well, you've been here for 20 years....41".  That didn't work in my favor.

So 37.  My biggest accomplishments are my children, and that I am happy.  Not a lot of people can actually say that.  Sure, there are crappy days that make me want to go back to my early 20s - but really I think I will stay here.

Life is stressful.  We don't know if Chris will get laid off, and things seem to always cost more.  But at the end of the day, we all have each other and it's all okay.  Let's be real, a few million dollars would help - but hey....

I was spoiled on my birthday as usual.  Can anyone say scrapbooking stuff?  I am most excited about my sure cuts a lot -which makes my Cricut cut pretty much any font.  Although I doubt I will give up my addiction / love for Thickers!

Okay, 37  years down, on to#38.  I wonder what is in store.


Suzanne said...

Ha you're still just a baby. Love that picture of you! Did you have glasses before...love them too! Happy Birthday internet girl friend! XO

Lisa and DJ said...

37 suits you. You look great and Happy Birthday my Mom's internet girlfriend!