Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bicycles and Beautiful Fairies

Not sure why the sun always waits till the last part of the weekend to show up.  While I have no problem with some rain, it's the extra cold temps that have kept me inside.  Cold and wet just don't make for a ton of fun.

Last night the Knibbs came for dinner.  Pizza, some drinks and a hockey game.  The boys were in a off mood, and decided to fight - but ended up again near the end of the night the best of friends.  The good thing is their fights are like sibling fights, and never last long.

What was nice to see was that Kaylee and Rachel really started to play together well.  They built some block towers, but it all really came together when they decided to dress as fairies.  They loved it, and flew all around, taking the time to smile for the camera.  While I doubt that they will be BFFs like the boys, they will share something special.  Maybe like a big / little sister relationship that just don't see each other as much.

When Braydon got his bike last weekend, Kaylee looked at the old smaller bike and said she wanted to give it a go.  So this weekend Chris put the training wheels back on, and Kaylee gave it a go.  She actually was more into this than she is her tricycle - so maybe we are onto something new.

We also got a wee bit of time in the playground.  When you let a three year old take a photo - this is what you get.

But when you just keep taking, this is what I get.

And to give proper credit where credit is due, the top photo was taken by Braydon.  Guess I have some budding photographers in the house.

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Suzanne said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend in spite of the weather. I think Kaylee is a good little photographer. I love giving my old camera to Aubrey and seeing what she comes up with.