Monday, January 12, 2009

Yankee Noodle

Chris has finally decided to learn to play his guitar that I bought him two years ago.  His big plan is to spend 3-4 nights a week after dinner (tonight he did it before we ate) for half an hour practicing.  His number one fan Kaylee went to listen, and of course dance.  He's learning the big hits, classics you know.

Tonight is Pasta Monday - a night that I usually serve pasta cuz it's fast and easy for a Monday.  Spaghetti with ground turkey was on the menu this evening.  I remembered part way through the dinner that I should be taking more photos, and of course, my goofy family was more than willing to be in front of the camera.  Well, the youngest two were.

Kaylee is trying to learn how to spin it onto her fork, and finds it easier to eat with her fingers.  Her goofball brother (who apparently had a fight with his hot chocolate earlier, thus the large spots on his face) is also  mastering it.  As Kaylee held up her spaghetti for me she says "yankee noodle".  Chris and I laughed - he played Yankee Doodle for her on the guitar.


Suzanne said...

Yankee noodles eh? lol I haven't had pasta in ages, now I'm craving it.

The Queen said...

hmmm, your hubby has a guitar that he wanted and didn't play either huh? Must be a conspiracy...LOL I even ordered up lessons and he was to shy to take them because he couldn't play - for heavens sakes!!! LOL

I love pasta!

taycreekcropper (mel)