Thursday, January 8, 2009

We now return to our regular scheduled program....

Yup - day seven of the new year, and I didn't keep up the first resolution of blogging every day.  That being said, I have been busy with my new little world of  I'm so happy that it all came together and seems to be a happy place to be.

I FINALLY have a day off.  And of course, I'm supposed to be doing lots of other things.  Like right now, I gotta run to the bank and stuff, but I'm here.  I will leave for the bank in a few minutes.  Promise.   I did take down the Christmas decorations and do plan on organizing the house today and tomorrow.  Plus some me time to scrap and stuff.  It will all come together right?

The sun is attempting to shine, which is a nice change from the monsoons that have been happening.  After all that snow, and now all that rain, flooding is a concern everywhere.  We should be fine, but hopefully others are too.

I do promise to be back here tomorrow.  Maybe even get my camera out on the kids some more.  Simplicity is about enjoying now I have found. Not so worried about later.  It just works better that way.

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Suzanne said...

So far so good, I have taken a photo every day so far. Got our 365albums yesterday, they look fantastic! Congratulations on getting your Christmas stuff down.