Sunday, January 18, 2009

Princess Disaster

We've been calling her Princess Disaster for a couple of months.  Last week she decided to no longer be Princess Disaster - just Princess Cute.  However this morning, while playing music Wii she somehow fell off the chair and face first into the rod hockey game that was on the floor.

This photo was taken several hours after the incident, however the future Oscar winner knew how to make the most of it.  She is fine, and Daddy took good care of her all day.

The title Princess Disaster came from the fact that she makes a mess wherever she goes.  If she is drawing - Kaylee is the kid that ends up with felt marker on her back.  If she is painting, it's in her hair.  If there is a mud puddle, it's hers for the taking.  She's a girly girl with the spirit of Pig Pen looking after her.

So while the owee looks bad, and I am sure it hurts, I am most confident that this will surely not be her last.  And as all good scrapping Moms do - I will be sure to scrap this soon!


Lisa and DJ said...

Oh, that makes me so sad! She's still a pretty sweet princess, even with a big owie.

Suzanne said...

Auntie Suzanne wants to give her a hug! Owie!

Hollee said...

Oh Owe!!! That looks like the super hot stingee kind that hurts like a mo-fo! Poor kiddo!

(he he - but I'd totally milk it too!)

The Queen said...

oh my, that was some fall....I agree with Hollee, make the most of it my dear.....LOL