Saturday, January 3, 2009

MORE Snow!

I have lived in this beautiful city my whole life.  I have NEVER seen snow like this.  It started the last week of school for the kids. Usually we get snow, then we get rain, then we forgot we even got snow.  Nope, not this time around.  We got snow.  We got more snow.  It got cold, then colder, then more snow.  We had a white week before Christmas, a white week after Christmas and a white New Years and it doesn't look like there is an end in site.

Now, Environment Canada says it was supposed snow 1-3 cm, then turn to rain. Today alone there is 15cm fresh on the ground, to add to the 30 -40 cm we already had.  Plows can keep up, salters can't keep up, parking throughout the city is ridiculous, and well, at one point today I claimed I was done with snow.

Then I cam home and took Takaya for a walk.  I have worked a lot, and my kids miss me, my husband misses me, and my dog misses me.  But after dealing with "unique" people all day (that is me being nice), a 30 min walk in the fresh snow with just me and my puppy was great.  And since she was having so much fun in it, when I got home I dragged the kids out to play.

We borrow a neighbours sled and both Braydon and Kaylee's smiles were so warm that you forgot it was still cold outside.  They laughed and sledded to their hearts content.  Then inside for some hot chocolate and as KJ says "smarshmallows", we warmed up and ate dinner.

It's been a long week.  And the snow brings challenges.  But it also brings fun.  It's "supposed" to warm up and change to rain.....but there is a part of me that we get one more day to build one more snowman.


Lisa and DJ said...

I even got out my trusty ruler to translate your centimeters to inches. If you're sick of the snow I'll probably never get you to move to Utah. :( Stay positive, my friend. Snow is job security for you!

Suzanne said...

No wonder you love your winters! Seriously I can't believe that you're not used to that kind of snow. Seems odd for a Winter Olympic city, I can't wrap my brain around it. I should take a weather class and see how that works.