Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Weekend is Over Again

So another weekend seems to have come to an end.  This is obvious to me as it's Sunday night, the kids are in the bath and I need to go make muffins.

Saturday was all about starting off with cold weather, rain and a soccer game.  Can't wait till winter and we start the games an hour earlier!! 

After the game, we did some arts and crafts, and hoped that the weather would clear - which it eventually did.  That afternoon, I got to go Christmas shopping, no kids.  Wish I had another hour or two as I would like to wrap it all up (pun totally intended).  Saturday night I made home made pizza, enjoyed a glass of wine and watched a bad movie with Chris.

Sunday, the weather held so we managed to pull off a family walk.  I love our walks, an hour long trek around our neighbourhood on our way to Tim's for coffee and timbits.    Then typical stuff like grocery shopping, lunch and the daily attempt to make the house look semi clean (although I seem to really be failing at this lately).  

I wanted to get some Christmasy photos, so the kids and I headed out for an hour and a half for some playing, exploring and of course, picture taking.  Got a couple good Christmas ones (to be shared later), and some even better portraits.  Braydon loves to "find" places to have his photo done, and Kaylee loves to act up, but still gives me the chance to get some pretty photos in too.

So, I guess I should stop typing and go wash some hair, read a book or two and start making muffins.  Then we have our Sunday night shows, and sleeps hopefully un-interupted (wishful thinking I'm sure).  I had a great weekend.


Lisa and DJ said...

When do you start getting Monday's off? I have a good camera, now I just need a kid that wants to pose for it. Love your photos.

Suzanne said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Sorry it's Monday tomorrow! Are you using the manual modes on your camera since taking your online class? They're awesome!

gypsybug said...

she better be using manual mode! LOL

GREAT photos

The Queen said...

you take great photos and it sounds you take a lot of family time, or at least make sure you do.......can't wait to see the Christmasy photos!