Friday, November 7, 2008


So here is the deal, I got tagged, and now you are tagged.

Open the forth picture folder in your pictures.  Then, find the forth picture in that file, post it and blog about it.

This photo of Braydon was taken summer of 2007 on our vacation in Saratoga Beach.  He's not paying attention to me, so I love photos like this, candid and close up. 

This trip was the first time either kid had roasted marshmallows, and it was a big hit.  Of course, this year's vacation HAD to include them.  While these white fluffy things are great in hot chocolate, both Braydon and I agree that they are best roasted over an open flame, and if at all possible, on the beach with your family.

Thanks for the tag Suzanne, this pic wouldn't have made it here otherwise.

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Suzanne said...

That is a great photo. I've been craving hot chocolate for a few days now and I don't even think I like it. The marshmallow addition didn't help any, I may just have to have a marshmallowey cup and get it over with! :)