Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#100 with perspective

Well, this is post #100. Who would have thought back in January that I would have actually kept up with this!!

Thank you to my two most loyal readers, Suzanne and Lisa. I know others pop in and out, so thanks for stumbling over here and reading about my day to day world.

The photo of Kaylee is old. She's just 1.5 years and her look there is the same sweetness I get today. I do wish that I was blogging back then, as it is a great place for me to jot down so "stuff". Like the Week in a Life - chances are if I didn't blog, I wouldn't have actually written much down.

This photo too is a couple of years old, but Braydon looks the same, a lot taller, but looks the same. I love how he loves animals - we share a special relationship with animals us two.
So for today, with no enlightened perspective on anything that will change the world - I offer this.
I hate umbrellas. I have lived in my beautiful city of Vancouver m whole life and would never consider living anywhere else. I do not own an umbrella, but have been known to borrow one here and there. Today, while walking Kaylee to school in the rain, along with Takaya on the leash and Braydon on his bike. I had my rain jacket on, but thought that my hair would do better with the hood off and using Chris' large golf umbrella. Wrong.
If there wasn't a sweet little girl who wanted to hold my hand and a 110 lb dog that wanted to pull in the wrong direction, I have a feeling that my hatred for umbrellas would have been less. But that was not the case. One hand for Kaylee. Two eyes on speedy bike guy racing ahead. One had for overly large umbrella while wrapping leash and getting pulled over to muddy / grassy area. At least I had the wisdom to not wear my heels and just go with running shoes for the walk.
Umbrellas, while potentially keeping your head dry, are a waste of money. A good hood on your jacket is all a west coast girl needs. Hoods don't get lost. You don't leave your hood at work when you really need it at the house. Hoods are with you, so if the rain shows up suddenly, you are ready to go. Hoods are good. Umbrellas are a waste of money.


Lisa and DJ said...

Since your post is partially dedicated to me, I will petition the U.S. Government on your behalf to ban umbrellas. I am also not a huge fan, they're just kind of annoying.

Suzanne said...

Well I'm the rebel because I love my umbrella. But then I don't have a huge dog and a cute girl to tie up my hands...that does change things up a bit. A hood would just give me really bad hat (hood) hair! Congrats on #100!!!!!!!!!!!