Friday, November 14, 2008

My Passion

I always forget to post my scrapbooking lay outs here, which seems strange, but I forget.  So, here are a few recent ones that I have done 

I so love this photo of Braydon, and think that he looks more like 12 than 5!  

And this one of Kaylee, well it's from last winter but it's so precious that I just scrapped it again for one of Tracey's challenges at compupro.

This is another KJ one - her wanting to have her photo taken over and over again that day.  I love how she goes from Princess to Tom Boy in seconds!

And in the fairness of equal opportunity scrapping - here is another one of Braydon


Suzanne said...

All awesome LOs Kirsten! Are you submitting any?

Kim said...

YOu SO rock!!! Seriously. Can I have your autograph????

Tracey said...

Your children's eyes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and they are so beautiful!! Love everything you do! :D

Lisa and DJ said...

See, I told you you were super person. They're all amazing!!

Just Jess said...

I've missed seeing your stuff on KC- you rock! :)