Thursday, May 29, 2008


Over the past three weeks, I have been pulled from my comfort zone and thrown into something new.

I say thrown, however I did have a choice.

I am someone who embraces the "known".  I like consistency, I like knowing what will happen - but also appreciate the little blips that life brings along.

But for the first time in a long time, I agreed to take myself away from the known and take a learning curve.

Instead of my day to day job - I was asked to help out at another company for three weeks.  Didn't know the job, didn't know the people, didn't have the comfort zone and didn't know if I could do it.

I am happy to say that after three weeks, I am walking away with some new insights.  Some things I learned were new - like I can jump in and take charge even if I have no clue of what is happening (well, I kinda new that, but this proved it).  I learned a lot of things about a new business and the products within it.  I learned that I don't need my regular support team to do well (but I also learned how much I do rely on them and missed them).  I learned that I need coffee in the morning more than I thought and that I really really hate traffic.

But I have to say, at the end of it all I was happy with accepting this little challenge and doing well with it.  I also know that I will be happy to "return home" to my mountain on Monday and see what changes await for me there.


Lisa and DJ said...

I'm pretty sure you can do ANYTHING you want, dear Kirsten! Except maybe ride your hubbby's new bike..not sure about that yet.

Suzanne said...

I'd never doubt that you could jump in and take charge! And I've been taking note of morning coffee spots. ;)