Wednesday, May 14, 2008

60th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Wilf and Isabel!  

My children are so lucky to have great grandparents, especially ones so viva-shish as these two! 

60 years ago today, these kids got married, eventually had three children, and were then blessed with five grandchildren and double blessed with two great grandchildren.

Isabel is full of life, will chat up anyone who will listen, loves her family more than life itself and is nearly brought to tears when my children do something cute.

Wilf makes me laugh.  His wit and humour is dry, and while he doesn't get a lot in with Isabel's chatting - when he does, it's well worth the listen.  When Chris first introduced me to his grandparents I instantly felt part of their family.  They truly are great people.

So in a time that marriages seem to go as fast as they come - I hold up my glass high to toast these two in such a great life together.  Congratulations!!


Twig's Corner said...

Happy Anniversary to them. That is so great to see. Hope they enjoy their day.

Suzanne said...

The way you describe them shows in their faces. They look perfect for each other. Happy Anniversary to them!