Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The long weekend

One of my favorite things is going out for dinner.  Out to a restaurant, to friends, to family.  Out anywhere.  This weekend I got to go out twice, one of the things making it a fantastic long weekend.

Friday night, the kids hit my parents for a sleep over, and Chris treated me to one more Mother's Day present, dinner at the Boathouse.  A very warm spring evening, on the waters of Horseshoe Bay, just us two grown ups with no responsibility.  We started with appetizers, sharing a bit of each others.  Then onto the main course, when I enjoyed the best Halibut I have ever had.  I'm still dreaming of it days later.  Of course, there was wine with dinner - which I got to enjoy a "taster", a little bit of three different types.  And what would a nice dinner out be without dessert - for me the dark and white chocolate mousse cake (as yummy as it sounds).  Back home, another glass of wine - a perfect night.

Thinking that was my treat out for the weekend, I wasn't slow in accepting an invitation to our friend's the Knibbs for dinner Saturday night.  The afternoon was spent with sprinklers, water fights, even a little pool time (with an extra bonus of scrapbooking for a few minutes).  Then over to our neighbours, with kids in hand.  The kids got to eat, while the adults enjoyed sitting outside and planning more of our vacation together in August.  We ate later, enjoyed a good laugh or two and headed home way past the children's bedtime.

The weekend wrapped up with Sunday being enjoyable, relaxing and full of play.  I got to finish gardening, caught a couple pages of my book, and did a photo shoot with Kaylee while Braydon got to go to the VSO with my parents.  While the rain came Monday, it allowed us all to slow down a bit, get caught up on some "chores" and take it easy.

If this is the start to summer - let the season begin!


Twig's Corner said...

Sounds like a beautiful weekend for sure. Glad you enjoyed you night out with your DH.


Lisa and DJ said...

Sounds great! Can't wait for OUR long weekend now...supposed to be rainy though. :(

Suzanne said...

I can picture the boathouse and the view you had while eating, I think I'm jealous. ;) But glad you had a GREAT weekend.