Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Wishing Flower

Dandelions get a bad rap.  They may be considered a weed to some, but happen to be one of my favorite flowers.  Because once the bright vibrant yellow flowers are done, they make a second flower - in my house we call it the wishing flower.

I think my son came up with the name - he went off to get one and came back with a "wishing flower" and it stuck.  Both my kids love to make wishes and blow as hard as they can.

Sometimes they keep the wish a secret, just in case it might not come true if they tell someone.  But most of the time, they share.

Today, Kaylee and I had some girl time, and went out to do a photo shoot.  There were lots of wishing flowers, and she make lots and lots of wishes.

I love wishing flowers, but I don't need them.  My wishes already came true.


Lisa and DJ said...

Wow, that is so sweet! Come and get my little girl to do a photo shoot...please??!!

Suzanne said...

That is sweet! I used to love wishing flowers too but these days I don't want anyone blowing any towards my lawn. lol