Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My friend Lisa had this on her blog (who am I kidding, since it's just her and her Mom who really read this, well they knew that).  I thought it would be good to answer.
Me from A to Z...
A--Attached or Single? Very Attached
B--Best friend? Boy - that would be my husband who fills both roles! Girl- Lori on the long term stuff, Jen on the day to day world
C--Cake or Pie? Cake, pie sucks.  Well, except for Lemon Meringue Pie
D--Day of Choice? Today.  Why not make the best of it.
E--Essential Item? Camera.
F--Favorite Color? Red, but ruby red is the best.
G--Gummy bears or worms? Either.  Once they are chewed up, who cares!!
H--Hometown? North Vancouver
I--Indulgence(s)? Dark Chocolate, and asparagus.  Not at the same time of course!
J--January or July? Tough.  Both for different reasons.  The skiing is great in January, but the temps in July, along with my wedding anniversary may pull me a bit more that way.
K--Kids? The perfect pair, one boy, one girl
L--Life is incomplete without? my family and friends
M--Marriage date? July 14, 2001
N--Number of siblings? 1 "baby" brother
O--Oranges or apples? Apples 10 of the 12 months.  But the other two, I eat enough Mandarin Oranges for the whole year.
P--Phobias or fears? Not really.
Q--Quotes? "Glass is half full"
R--Reason to Smile? My family.  When my daughter says "and you are the best Mom".
S- Season? Winter.  The sunny days with fresh snow.
T--Tag 5 people? um.....I'm not that cool of a blogger yet.
U--Unknown Fact? Following Lisa's answers - I read License plates and come up with words that fit with the letters.
V--Very Favorite Store? Scrap Arts.
W--Worst habit? Snacking on things that aren't mine (like the cookies I buy "for" the kids)
X--X-ray or ultrasound? Done with needing ultrasounds for baby reasons, so I guess x-ray
Y--Your favorite food? Salmon
Z--Zodiac? Pieces - and everytime I read mine, it's eery.


Lisa and DJ said...

I guess we'll have a lot of fun with license plates when you're here!

Suzanne said...

I love asparagus but anyone who considers it an indulgence has their priorities a little mixed up! LOL But then again, I'd be a lot better off if I considered it an indulgence, it doesn't have the same effect on my waistline as chocolate covered cinnamon bears. ;)