Sunday, April 6, 2008

The first casulty - a Mystery

This is a male blue guppy.  A beautiful fish.  It is the first fish to be taken by the tank of death.

Now, hear me out.  This was not my fault.  Really.

We bought four new fish on Saturday.  Two guppies, two tetras.  We went out Saturday night, and when we got home, the blue guppy was missing.


Seriously, where does a fish  go???  Did it get eaten by another fish?  I doubt it, the two Tetras are larger, but not aggressive.  Did it die of natural causes?  I doubt it, there was nothing floating at the top or lying on the bottom of the tank.

Did it loose to the filter?  I don't think so, as usually you can find "pieces" of the fish.

Did it jump?  Nothing anywhere surrounding the tank.  We looked!!!

So...."Prince Charming" is gone.  I don't know how, I don't know where.  But he is gone.  So long little fishy, it was a great eight hours together.


Lisa and DJ said...

fish killer!

Suzanne said...

We may have to do an intervention when you come in August. :)