Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacation 2011

Hard to believe that I've been back at the real world for a week, it seems like vacation just happend, yet a million years ago at the same time.

We headed back to Madrona again this year in Parksville. I really do love where we stay, it's a perfect spot for the kids to run around and us grown ups to relax and enjoy the view.

Chris took the opportunity to head out before us and ride down to Victoria to cheer on Lynn Valley as they were playing in the BC Little League Championships. He loved that he got to take his new ride for a real trip.

Tons of time on the beach this year, our weather was perfect with only one morning of clouds and the rest full of sunshine.

Hit all our typical spots: Golfing


the massive playground:

But there were lots of kids around Madrona so we just to hang around and enjoy where we were.

With the wet wet summer we have had, the silver lining would be that there were no fire bans this season, so marshmallows were roasted, s'mores were devoured and some late fireside nights of just us grown ups were very much appreciated.

One NEW adventure we took in was MooBerry Farm and we had a ton of fun. The only people on that tour the kids got up front and centre with the cows, got to learn how milking happened and how cheese is made. Did you know that a cow eats 100lbs of hay a day and poops 65lbs out? Lots of very interesting info that day, and we will go back for sure.

Meeting a one day old calf was pretty cool too

We did have one unexpected call while in the middle of it all, Chris was called to say that he was being laid off. It did put a damper on it for a day but in true vacation spirit we moved on from that and enjoyed the time together as a family.

I know people travel all over the world to find the most beautiful beaches, but I know how lucky I am living a quick ferry ride from this.

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*Desi* said...

sounds like a fabulous time!! Glad you had a great vacation despite the not so good news!