Sunday, July 17, 2011

It was perfect

He couldn't have done it better. Really, a perfect weekend. A great way to celebrate a great ten years together.

We left Friday afternoon and headed to the island. We were the last car onto the ferry. Enjoyed the views of the west coast on the way over and were both excited about a just us weekend.

When we got the to room, we relaxed before dinner. The rain fell outside, but our cozy log wood room with beautiful views of the beach - there was no need to be outside. Dinner at 7 - our only scheduled event for the weekend.

Dinner was great, the muscles were the best either of us have ever had. We loved them so much we ate them the next night too!! After dinner, we walked back to our room, through the canopy covered surroundings. Such a beautiful spot.

Arriving back in our room, there were candles, rose pedals, roses and champagne, along with strawberries dipped in chocolate waiting for me. So sweet.

But what happened next, well that is what brought tears to my eyes. Before I knew what happened Chris was down on one knee presenting an anniversary diamond ring. Telling me how he loves me, and that while he didn't ask me to marry him (I asked him), he was so happy that we are together and that he is still in love with me and I make him happy. Perfect words, perfect surprise, perfect husband.
Champagne out on the deck. A really perfect night.


Suzanne said...

Chris can plan our next anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

Hollee said...

OMG! KEEP HIM!!!!! :) Glad you had a great weekend! :) Happy anniversary!