Sunday, August 14, 2011

40 Years

When pregnant with me, my parents bought the house that my brother and I would grow up in. That was 40 years.

40 years of birthdays, Christmas', anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and 40 years of living lives. Good lives.

40 years worth of stuff. Some junk, some good, some memories and some "where did that come from". Today was a day to mark on the calendar, as it was the FIRST garage sale in 40 years. There was a lot of stuff.

I wish I had taken more photos...there was lots to see (I thought I did take more, but for some reason they didn't stick on my phone, oh well).

Some "treasures" included there two pieces of Mexican art that my Mom and Dad brought home from a trip.

And some things that my Grandma had up in her house, one cross stitch she did and one that an Aunt made. Not my thing anymore but I put them to the side and as it turns out, my cousins are thinking about taking them.

And our skis that we spend hours and hours and hours on as kids.

For entertainment today, this sweet kitty showed up at 7:30am and hung out with us for the process.
In the end....I ended up with a box of stuff to take home too. A few photos, a couple of tea cups that have memories and a couple of mirrors for KJ's room. Richard grabbed a few things too I noticed.

And Mom and Dad put a couple of things back - like the ugliest almost so ugly it's cool platter / tray that 40 years of family meals have been brought out on. I'm glad it's staying. Somethings still belong there.

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