Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ten Years Strong

Today, Chris and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. And I say that with a lot of pride.

Back in the day...when we first met at the mountain, he was big goof with loud friends and a party lifestyle. He seemed nice enough, but really not my type.

Then, in the late spring of 1999 something made me look at him differently. Still not sure what it was, but all of a sudden instead of our "hey" as we passed each other, it was "hey, how was your weekend". Then I found myself at his baseball games. Then I found myself hanging around the mountain top talking to him.
Then, I found myself on Aug 23 kissing him. After a fun night out with friends, and a conversation about what our pretend future would be like together, the irony of that all just being the beginning has never been lost on me.

We planned our life together that night. Two kids, one boy with the middle name Christopher, one girl with the nickname KJ. We would have animals, in particular a wolf cross dog. We would live on the North Shore, we would get married on a golf course. Even the people we said would be in our wedding party were. Right then, it was like a road map all laid out for us. And that kiss, that kiss made my knees go weak. It made my heart skip a beat. It made me scared, excited, thrilled and full of aniticpation.

Well, the rest pretty much followed suit. I moved in with him at the cabin on the mountain that following January. We were engaged in May, and married the following July. Fast? Nope. Right? Yup.

Of course, first up was Takaya, our sweet wolf cross pup. Then Braydon Christopher and Kaylee Jordan. Within the first five years, we fell in love, moved in, got engaged, married, bought a house, had kid, bought a different house and had another kid.
You would think things have slowed since then, but in truth, they've picked up. All of a sudden, it's ten years since we said "I do". Ten years of growth, opportunity, lessons learned, forgotten and re-learned. Ten years of hugs, kisses, cuddles and the odd disagreement or two. Eight of those years being parents together, including working through a miscarriage and then the blessings of Braydon and Kaylee. Diapers, late nights, no sleep, figuring out all the how tos of a being a Mom and Dad, and still trying to be husband and wife.

As the kids hit a new stage of life, school, sports, play dates and independence, it's another stage for us. Shuttling them to everywhere. Hours at a ball field, or nights at a school music festival. Dinners with four, fast and furious to get out the door. Coaching, leading, less cuddle time, more on the go.

The future sees no slowing of our pace. Busy children = busy parents. But through all of that, I am happy to say that parents are just one roll in our lives. Somewhere we still find time to be Kirsten and Chris. Husband and Wife. Friends. Companions, and yes, some of that other good stuff too.

All too often marriages fail because there is an expectation of perfection. Doesn't exist. Just a willingness to let the little stuff go and appreciate the good stuff as it sometimes happens so fast you may miss it.

The love of my life has surprised me with a trip over to Tigh Na Mara for the weekend, just us adults. I'm so looking forward to our two days together and reviewing the ten years of the past.
I'm lucky to have found this one, even if it took me a few years to really see him.
I love you Chris, Happy 10 Year Anniversary.

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Suzanne said...

I haven't even met Chris but feel like I know him so well. You are perfect for each other. Happy Anniversary!