Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The House Dilema

Recently Chris and I have started house hunting. It started off just like every third month or so does - Chris looks up listings on the MLA site, we see that we cannot afford anything, we drool over houses we can never live in, then we close the site and carry on.

This time though, a few things seemed to change. First, two units in our complext have sold quickly, and for over asking. The housing market itself seems like it is about to explode again, so now seems like the time to buy. Chris and I have always wanted a house, but right now it actually seems like it may be possible.

We have looked at a few, and nothing has made me jump. Mainly because most of them require us to move the kids to a new school. I am sure they would adjust more easily than I expect - but I am also the one who had a huge hissy fit when my Mom said we may move and I was about 15 (right mom?).

There is a "something " on the horizon right now which actually has me really excited. A women who wants to move into our complex is selling her house that is only two blocks away. Could a swap be possible? Could it be that easy?

For now........I will wait. And think good thoughts.


Jenn said...

That would be awesome to be able to just "swap" homes. Best of luck with the house hunting!

Mieke said...

Oooohh!! Exciting! Does the house have a suite? :) I know a reeeeeally good tenant!!

Suzanne said...

Dreams only happen if you dare to reach out and grab them! Good luck my friend!