Wednesday, March 17, 2010

20 Random Things You May (not) know about me

1) My favorite colour is Red. My car is Red, my kitchen is Red, I have more shoes in the colour Red than I do anything else.

2) I wore braces for more than four years. I broke them several times throughout those four years. I am forever thankful that I wore them (one day I will share those buck tooth photos) and that they worked. My teeth imprints are examples at the orthodontists.

3) I have lived a total of 6.5 weeks without an animal in my life. That was when I first moved out on my own. Within the second month of living there - we got Madison who hung out with me for the next 16 years. I will always have animals in my life.

4) When I was growing up, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist. Not the kind that does the lame stuff like learning about fish and habitats - I wanted to be the kind that trains and swims with the Orcas. Given the opportunity to do so - I would do that in a heartbeat (providing school wasn't required)

5) If I could be anything other than what I do now - I would love to be a designer or photographer. My love for colours and pretty things would merge together there nicely.

6) I spend more money on scrapbooking supplies through the year than clothes. I should probably change that.

7) My most prized possession is my new camera. Before that, it was my old camera.

8) I asked my husband to marry me. I was tired of waiting for the question to be popped. I mean, we had been together for all of 8 months. Geez.

9) I have a large pin in my left knee.

10) I like my own handwriting and my name. Seems most people don't like either of theirs.

11) I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, and expected to have one girl and one boy. However, they changed the order on me - but that's cool too.

12) I wish I still had fake nails. I have lousy real nails.

13) The one place that I really want to travel is Africa, to do a full on safari. That would be amazing.

14) I look at life through rose coloured glasses. It's prettier that way - besides, I already said my favorite colour was red.

15) I enjoy cooking and baking - but I hate planning the meals. Oh, and cleaning up after them.

16) I have had the opportunity to swim with dolphins twice, kayak with orcas, scuba dive in the bahamas, para-sail with my brother, ziplined through a forest, mountain biked down a mountain, and flown in a heli-copter numerous times, but would not consider myself adventurous.

17) One of my proudest moments was passing my level II CISA and my brother telling me that I was an awesome skier.

18) I don't think I would have an issue with being rich.

19) I can't stand slow drivers. Yet I seem to get stuck behind them on a regular basis.

20) I loose my keys. I loose my keys a lot. I loose my keys more than once a day. I once lost a set of keys in my house and have never found them. That was five years ago. I know they are in the house somewhere. One day I will find them. Until then, I will continue to loose the keys I have.


Suzanne said...

That was an interesting read. Lots of things I didn't know about my girlfriend! I used to lose keys a lot too. My solution? Keys on a clip that I clip to my bag or purse. I never lose them that way.

Lisa and DJ said...

#21 Your favorite person is me!
Loved reading more about you. :)

Vanessa said...

I spend more on sb than clothes too..however in the past 2 months that has strangely been reversed..need to do something about that.

My life is seen thru rose colored glasses too..I am positively perky!

Jenn said...

Everything is rosey to me too! I enjoyed your list ;0)