Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Lisa

and the rest of the girls at Skrap N Chat

#10 - I don't need to put on my nice clothes and make up to have a "girls night out"

#9 - These ladies "get" my love of paper and understand the shared agreement of not telling my husband how much said paper costs. The also understand the "need" to have your camera, the knowledge that buttons may look better on a lay out than on a jacket, and sewing machines can be used often and rarely touch fabric.

#8 - While it may have been paper that brought us together, we are thicker than the best glue out there when it comes to supporting each other

#7 - Lisa is like the sister I never had. She shares my good looks and love of life, but there is that connection of not having to explain everything to each other to understand exactly what we are talking about that makes her extra special.

#6 - My internet girlfriend Suzanne loves me every day at SNC, and I love her back. She is the reason I know internet dating works. <3

#5 - Through any tough days, the girls at SNC have support for all, and judgement on none. Now that is a rare and special thing.

#4 - The creative energy is endless, and my journey as a scrapbooker, photographer, story teller and woman is stronger because of my friends at Skrap N Chat

#3 - Sleep is over rated and I can find people to talk to at all hours (special shout out to my late night buddies Shannon and Dawn as well as others...and yes Lisa & Suzanne, you chat at night too, but I already gave you kudos)

#2 - I love to banter and Lisa loves to banter back. She takes it as well as she gives it. You gotta love that about a yankee eh?

#1 - The friendships, the lifelong friendships, that I have developed from all of these women is simply priceless. While I have had the privilege of meeting few, I have the honour of knowing you all. Thanks for being part of my daily world.


Lisa and DJ said...

hahahahaha. You just made my day...and for the record, I love you too!!

April said...


Jenn said...

SnC would NOT be the same without you too!!!

goldhalo AKA Natasha said...

Just Fabulous!!!

Suzanne said...

Now I miss you all the more!

Vanessa said...

luv'ing your top 10 list!!!