Monday, February 9, 2009

Opening New Doors

Ya, so have not been good about posting on here!!  A few things always happen, and I like to blog when there is peace.  Shhh, it's early and the kids have not woken up yet.  But they need to, so this won't be a long post.

We got the Fit Wii, and that is my new goal.  New door, well maybe an older door reopening.  I'm not telling you results, but let's say that my character got "bigger" when it measured me.  Nice.  Nothing like a Mii to tell you you need to loose weight.  A minimum four times a week I will be on that, plus more walking if I can fit it in.  Watching what I eat (no more chocolate, well maybe a piece on V day), and lots more water.  I have to say, the whole Wii system is really really cool - and fun.  Hopefully it will get me doing more.

Having said that, trying to fit it into my life won't be that easy.  I'm painting a mural for a day care, we have a 24 hour weekend at work next weekend (open Fri AM, close Sun PM), functions on Tuesday and Friday night (that won't help with eating well) and trying to hang with the family.  Will be a crazy week I am sure.  But one day at a time right?

Okay, must get children out of bed.  New morning routine, including me on the Wii, actually eating breakfast, and here is a thought - running on time!


Lisa and DJ said...

Sometimes it's not even one day at a time. Take it one hour at a time, if you need to. Small changes, my friend!

Suzanne said...

I'm always reopening that door myself. Good luck!

prettypeaches said...

You can do it! And the Wii fit will keep things fun and you will forget that you are burning calories :)