Friday, February 20, 2009

A Day with Mommy

No school for Braydon today, it was a professional day.  KJ had school, but I always feel bad when she has to go and Braydon stays home, so I thought it should be a stay home day for all.  When they jumped in my bed this morning Braydon mentioned that we hadn't been to the Aquarium for a long time (it had been about 7 weeks), so that was that.  Pancakes for breakfast, throw some snacks in a bag and off we went.

Of course, one of our traditions seems be to having a snack in the underwater area....this time with the dolphins.  Not sure why, but I didn't take any pics of the belugas this time.  Odd for me.  Guess I have enough!

The Amazon jungle has this beautiful new bird, the colours are just so much prettier than a crow you find in our forests!

Of course, since Nemo, well you can't go to an Aquarium without looking for one there too!

Now while you think if you asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was, they would say the whales or sharks or turtles or alligators....right? Nope.  First, my favorite part was watching Braydon "share" his money with his little sister so they could make a wish at the fountain.

And of course, the opportunity to get some new photos on a beautiful day.....

But their favorite part, after dropping $125 on a new yearly membership was feeding the ducks OUTSIDE the Aquarium.  It's the whole box vs. the toy.....and once again the box won.  But we all won because it was a good morning out together.  And now I can scrap it this afternoon!!


Lisa and DJ said...

What a fun day. Your kids are lucky to have a fun Mom! (I hope they wished that you'll win the lottery!!)

Suzanne said...

The perfect day off! Is that bird a Lorakeet?