Sunday, February 15, 2009

Less teeth, less time

It's been one of those weeks, you know the kind - where so many things need to happen yet time seems to fly faster?  On Friday - Braydon lost his second tooth - have you ever seen a kid so proud to loose teeth????

The mountain has a lot going on this weekend, including Thursday night hosting a torch light parade - which we could easily see from our block.  Pretty cool to watch.

We are also open for 63 hours straight - which means that last night I worked from 7pm to 3am.  But I got to ski at midnight, which was pretty cool.  I'm a bit tired now, as I got up and went for our walk this morning even though I needed more sleep.

Tonight we are heading over to my parents for dinner, to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  Hopefully  next week things will slow down.  Maybe.

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Suzanne said...

It's always fun to get an update, see more great photos and share in the joys that go on in your life! Happy birthday to your mom!