Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Tea Party

Last night we started a new tradition.  The Tea Party.  The boys had planned to go to the BC Lions Football game, so I wanted to do something special with Kaylee.  So Jen and I threw a tea party for the girls.

We all dressed up (Kaylee and Rachel were extra cute) in our bestest outfits, donned some hats and extra jewelry, had cookies, cakes and strawberries and headed off to Jen's place.

The places were set with mini plates and proper name tags.  The girls were very polite and our tea party was one of  our best nights out.
We liked it so much that we've decided to make it a tradition.  And when the girls get a bit older - we will go to the Empress Hotel in Victoria and have high tea.  I can't wait.


Suzanne said...

So fun!!! And Kaylee does look like a little tea party princess.

Lisa and DJ said...

Oh my heck Kirsten...that looks like so much fun and Kaylee is so dang sweet!