Monday, July 14, 2008

7 Years Strong

Today Chris and I celebrate seven years of marriage.  What are we doing?  Well, he's at motorcycle school and I'm about to take the kids out for a walk.  But in reality - that's why we have a good marriage, it's about give and take.  This is a course he really wants to do - and I don't mind postponing our night out.  We decided we could spend our quality time on Saturday together.

I love this man.  For all the the things that drive me crazy, there are more things I have that I love about him.  We are opposites, but that's what gives us something to talk about each day.  We tick each other off sometimes, but always kiss goodnight  and say we love each other.  In days where marriages seem to fail, mine is as strong as ever.  I'm lucky, he's lucky - we are lucky (and happy) together.  For what started out as friends has grown into so much more.  Lucky #7 I say.  Happy Anniversary Chris, I love you.


Lisa and DJ said...

Well I'm so excited to meet atleast 1/2 of the happy couple next month! Happy Anniversary to you guys!

Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary! I married an opposite too and it just works, it's nice to have someone to give you balance.
I think Takaya deserves some credit for being able to get up on the table! Cute!