Sunday, July 27, 2008

I got tagged

My friend Tracey tagged me.  And while I'm supposed to tag six other people, well only a few check this out and she already tagged them.  So with the promise that I will tag others later, I will answer her tag on me.

I need to tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself.

1- I did two rounds of dished tonight.....well the dishwasher did anyhow
2-Everytime I think my printer has died, my husband saves it and me
3-I will be attempting the first draft of chocolate marshmallow cake on Tuesday night.  This was the one treat that my Mom always made me for school, and I offered to make it for Braydon for his last day of pre-school
4-I am finding it challenging to come up with six things about me
5- I thought my last knee surgery was more painful than labour
6- I undercooked the roast beef tonight.


Lisa and DJ said...

Wow, some very fascinating stuff I learn about you. I'd love to try that dessert, but maybe not the roast beef. :)

Suzanne said...

I think lots of things are more painful than labour. I have yet to make roast beef that I love.