Monday, June 23, 2008


I got that call today.  You know the one, when daycare calls and said there was an incident.  The one involving the collision with your kid.  Your kid and the gravel?  That was the call today.

Just after 11am, my receptionist told me that day care called, and I was to call them back immediately.  That had never happened before.  I called, it was busy.  I called again, same thing - so I figured they were trying to call Chris.  Third time, I got through.  Braydon was hurt, and when they asked him his name, he said Chris.  That's the wrong answer.  I said I would be right there.  Then I did something I very rarely do.  I ran.  I ran through the courtyard at work, threw stuff onto my desk, grabbed my purse and ran to the van.  I called Chris somewhere in there, and told him I would be at the school in 10 minutes. 

Of course, on my way there, I hit every red light.  I'm not a panicky kinda Mom, but I wanted to get to him.  I knew if it was really really bad, they would have called the ambulance.  And luckily all my first aid knowledge kicked in and by the time I got there I was calm.  I had already had my Mom call ahead to our doc and made an appointment.

When I got to the day care, my very tough kid had a very very big bump on his head.  VERY BIG.  The tears had already gone, and he was well aware of his name and other particulars.  Like the long story of who he had been playing tag with, what happened......ya da ya da ya da.  So one big hug and off to the doctors we went.

He got a good check up and orders to lay low for the day.  Lots and lots of ice.  Wake him up a couple times through the night.  Any worsening, back to the doc we go.  But for now, he seems fine.  Low key, but fine.  

Geese couldn't have claimed this egg, it went straight to Ostrich status.


Suzanne said...

That brings back so many memories and not pleasant ones! How was your night? I hope you got some rest and that the ostrich egg is back to at least the goose family this morning.

Lisa and DJ said...

Wow super mom, that is one REALLY big bump!!