Tuesday, June 17, 2008

His Christmas Eve

He couldn't sleep.  He cleaned up a special spot for it.  His jacket has a special spot in the closet, and his red helmet lay waiting.

One might think I am referring to Santa getting ready for the big night, but it's not.

T'was the night before the bike.

Yes, he bought his motorcycle and it will be arriving tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow).  He still doesn't know how to ride, but got a good deal on this  bike and decided it was the right one for him

I had to laugh when I went downstairs this afternoon and he was pacing.  Anticipating.  Excited. Just like me on Christmas Eve.


Suzanne said...

Well it will be another sleepless night if it doesn't come until tomorrow. And then maybe some sleepless nights while he learns how to drive? ;) He's going to love it!

Lisa and DJ said...

Well, Merry Christmas to Chris now and Merry Christmas to Kirsten in August!!