Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Snow....

Vancouver is most beautiful when covered in snow.  Truly a beautiful city all the time (even in the rain), I think that the details that the snow brings out makes it all more stunning.  The mountains, the trees, and of course, the rarely seen, almost mythical creature - the Snowman!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of building "Shelly the Snowman" - the eyes and nose are made from shells that we collected from our vacation last September.  My son is just as creative as his mom.  Love to see that.

Both kids had a blast playing in the snow, there is just something so fun about it when you are a child.  When you are an adult, well you do what my husband did, shovel for two hours because the plow guys forgot about us (again).  He shoveled our our front, and all our neighbours including the main entrance.  And of course, the plow guys showed up three hours later.  Figures.

I mentioned earlier that I was asked to be on a digital scrapbooking design team, which is great.  Since that happened, I also applied to be on one for our local scrapbooking store.  Hopefully that works out too, cuz that's the one that has some money.  Regardless, I really enjoy the aspect of design and love the opportunity to use my photography in something that gives me instant gratification.  

Friday night is date night with Chris.  We are dropping the kids off to my parents and then heading to the Keg for dinner.  Can't wait.  It's been way too long since he and I were able to get a night to ourselves.

The snow is supposed to turn to rain in the city, but keep being the white fluffy stuff up in the mountain.  Vancouver is at it's worst when the slush season is upon us.  But that's okay, I think I will escape and head out for a ski.

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