Monday, January 28, 2008

Mom's are not allowed to be sick

Why not?  I don't get sick very often and I guess it's a good thing.  Children don't get "mom being sick"
I actually came home from work early today.  I don't usually do that.  When I woke up this morning, I felt like crap, but I came from the household of "you have to be half dead before you miss school" and somehow that stuck.  My breakfast was Dayquil and a couple cups of coffee, but I didn't feel any better, just worse.
So I came home and slept this afternoon.  No children in the house.  But eventually, they had to come home, and I tried to play Mom.  But my head is pounding and every bone and muscle in my body hurt.
Chris was great.  He tidied up and tried to explain to our children that I need quiet time.  But kids don't get it.  Instead of me lying in my bed, I got company.  I attempted dinner, but didn't bother eating.  The kids wanted to play after.  I went to lay down again, and again I got company.  Somehow watching Max and Ruby doesn't make me feel better.
So, the kids are heading to their own beds.  Chris made me some tea, and I'm crawling back into my bed, alone (except for the heating pad).  There is someone outside attempting to plow our street, more snow expected tonight.
I hope the truck that hit me drives away.  I don't like being sick.  And my kids don't like it either.

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Suzanne said...

My kids were always better about me being sick than my husband! Take care...hope you're feeling well real soon.