Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What 10 lbs can do for the ego

Weight and I have a relationship. Can't say it's my favorite relationship - but one that I will have my whole life so I might as well make the best of it.

It's not my goal to be "skinny", but healthy is where I am heading. For my wedding nine years ago, I was at a weight that was healthy. After a few different goes at Weight Watchers, it was a good place to be. And bad eating habits. Then a baby. Then back to Weight watchers. Life. Another baby. Back to Weight Watchers. And...finally....I got my lifetime.

As proud as I was, I was still back to bad habits, and over the last four years all that weight I "lost" was "found" again.

But, life this time, I am using as an example and using it to motivate me. Unfortunately my Mom has the same relationship with weight, and it was winning. After landing in the hospital in April with breathing issues, she went back to WW. Knowing if I didn't change too (and realizing that talking about joining again isn't the same as doing), I headed back.

After my gallbladder surgery, I lost about five pounds. Banking on the fact that I liked the results, I got my butt back to a meeting, and while it's coming off slowly - it's coming off. In total, I am down 10 pounds.

I still have a bit to go (more than a bit, but little goals are more attainable) - but I am going to win this battle. And with some self determination, this may be my last losing round. I would love to, and am motivated to, keep it off. Healthy. That is the end result I am looking for.

Benifits so far...well today I wore a pair of pants that I haven't dared to put on for a couple years. Last week, I threw on a shirt that my Mom bought me three years ago that I just removed the tag off. And I bought myself a new summer dress.
And since I was having a good hair day - thought I would take a couple of "in the middle of it" photo (if I am brave....I will share at the end a before and after).


Jenn said...

10 lbs is defititely worth celebrating!!! Keep it up. I love your positive attitude!! ;0)

PamelaM said...

I love your positive attitude also.

High 5 to you! Way to go.

Suzanne said...

You certainly don't wear any of your found weight in your face. You are beautiful!