Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am Wonder Woman

and Jamie Sommers. Always have been.

At Scrap Yourself this week, I got to pick the theme. It was top of mind because Braydon asked me about my favorite things from childhood. I was very very lucky during my childhood, I have nothing but fond memories of playing in the neighbourhood, being able to use my imagination and doing lots of fun things.

One of the things that I spent more than a summer doing was being Wonder Woman or Jamie Sommers. Those two 1970's shows were my favs. Two powerful women doing good in the world. Strong, fast, beautiful....why not look up to them. For the majority of 2+ summers, I LIVED in my Wonder Woman bathing suit. The Superhero Mom in my world was smart enough to know how much I treasured it and bought more than one, and more than one size.

It must have been a birthday, not sure, but in my possession were some gold (ok, yellow plastic) wrist cuffs, belt and the crown. For sure the walkie talkies that were a birthday gift just added to the fun of those summers communicating to the other Superheros in my posse.

Unfortunately, I can only find one washed out photo of me in my first "power suit", and it's such poor quality that scanning didn't really work well. But the memories are clear as day - and I was happy to capture it all in a lay out.


Jenn said...

What an awesome LO and great memory to document.

I never got to watch WW but I used to imagine I had super powers.

PamelaM said...

I think it's so wonderful that you are documenting such special things of your younger years. I am sure the kids will appreciate it later on. I am so inspired to start doing this.

I also had superpowers but I was Superman...hee hee!