Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Follow me through October - week 1

Each time I sit down to my blog, I get nervous. I'm behind. Again. Where do I start? What do I skip? Well, who really cares. So here I go (again).

On I issued a photo challenge. Here is the gig. One photo per day. Within each week, there is a mandatory photo to take. Week one, show the change of fall. At the end of the month, we need to create a LO with all 31 photos.

Since I can't remember where I put my keys each day, I thought I better track what the photos are / why I took them / what I might want to include in the actual LO.

Day 1

My beautiful daughter Kaylee. She loves to follow her big brother, but I love it when I see her doing independent things. For the longest time, she just watched Braydon on the computer. Sat ideally by and let him do everything. But once she figured out HOW to make things work, well she loves to play on sites like kids CBC and Disney Playhouse. She does things like math, spelling, shapes, but doesn't even realize she is learning along the way. You can see her concentration in this pic, and I love that she loves to learn.

Day 2

Braydon loves sports. All sports. All the time. He loves riding his bike. On this day, he went with me to pick KJ up from school, and wanted to ride his bike. It scares me how comfortable boys are with just hopping off curbs and going up steep hills. I hold my breath and let him be him. I love it that he is so active and healthy, and hope that he chooses this as a lifestyle forever.

Day 3

This photo is the challenge photo. Show fall. We have these beautiful marigolds in our front yard. They come out in the summer, but are the last ones left in the garden this time of year. The richness of the orange is just so October, and so fall to me.

Day 4

Cuteness 100%. Took KJ Halloween costume shopping, and this is what she picked up. When we hit the store, she wanted to be like Braydon, and be a Star Wars figure. In fact, she wanted to be what Braydon was last year, Darth Vader. Again, in my effort to show her her own independent world, we went without big bro and she decided that she would make a cute Panda. I think she may score some extra candy this way.

Day 5

Ok, this is my "artsy" photo. I walk by this to get KJ from school. Yes, it's a fire hydrant. But I just love the vivid red and white against the green. I love the different aspects of how it is put together. I love that I love something as boring and mundane as a fire hydrant. Maybe I need more of a life, but hey, I document what I like.

Day 6

My sweet fur child. Takaya turns nine this year. Nine years of this big beast being right in the middle of everywhere. Nine years of companionship. Nine years of fur. Nine years of having a warm body to put my feet on. Nine years of good times.

Day 7

Today is day seven, and I will admit that this photo cost me chocolate. I came home from work and wanted everyone to come out and take a photo for me. No one felt like it, but I'm not above bribing. Hey, I got a shot with my three crazy family members. They were all in goofy moods (got some ridiculous shots of Chris not smiling for me), but these are the moods that make me laugh after a long day of work. These are the laughs that make me happy.

There we go. Seven days, seven photos, seven stories. I love this type of project. It gets me to stop and take photos of my everyday world. Maybe not the all time "perfect" pics, but things that I want to remember later.

Stay tuned for Week #2!!


Lisa and DJ said...

I there. Great photos, but next week include some of you!

Suzanne said...

I'm alredy a couple of days behind. The day doesn't seem too exciting from a constant lying down position. But oh well. Love your week story in photos!

Jenn said...

I love the one of B riding his bicycle! You have a natural eye!