Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grade 1

Well, it's been a whole week. A whole week of getting into grade one mode. Here is what happened (in a list mode thanks to Suzanne).

* First day, one hour, no teacher.
* Day 2, 2 teachers. Mrs Elhome and Mrs Jette. Most excited that he got lunch and recess.
* Day 3, loves school - needs a new room. You know, to do homework and stuff Chris starts painting and priming.
* Day4 - painting continues, buy a new bed. Loving school
INSERT WEEKEND - finish room, build new bed, overexcited child, hits wall, recovers

Week 2 - still loves school, all is well.


Suzanne said...

No teacher for the first hour?! How does that work? He is so cute (and so you are)!

Vanessa said...

back to school is so exciting when they are little...awwwww

PamelaM said...

Awe...your baby is growing up. Glad to hear that he is enjoying school. I bet it makes for easier mornings.

Can't wait to see pics of B's new room. I am sure he thinks mommy and daddy are the coolest!